Our proofreading and editing services at a glance

  • Proofreading in German and other languages
  • Proofreading according to the new German spelling rules – either conservative or modern, according to the Duden recommendations or press agency guidelines
  • Proofreading for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors only
  • Proofreading for style
  • Language consultation by phone
  • Proofreading plus comparison with manuscript, including table-checking
    (ensuring correct content)
  • Checking typesetting and typography
  • Cross-checking of terminology, syntax and spelling
  • Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries, and syntax and spelling
    guidelines for regular customers
  • All texts are proofread twice: four eyes are better than two!
  • Proofreading is carried out by qualified language experts working in their own language
  • Orders are processed quickly and easily via e-mail, fax, courier or post
  • Express and weekend service available on request